Kiki & Herb's Otterhounds & Otherhounds, Past & Present

"Stella" - left - a rescue who's part terrier, plus something short!
whelped 2005 or 2006
"Ringo" - right - Adeline's If I Sang Otter Tune TD
whelped 2009

Stella and puppy Ringo - who was just her size when he arrived

"Cricket" - Gooseck-N-Mont'Scess MVP RN TDX CGC, little French PBGV cousin to the OHs
whelped 2004

Cricket and Odo as "teenagers", with Moose

"Odo" - CT Adeline's Odo Proudfoot CD RE NAJ OJP VOX CGC
whelped 2004

Moose with 4-month-old Odo

"Moose" - Bearsden's Hamish MacTavish TD

"Meadow" - Boravin Meadow, a pretty English girl
whelped 2000

"Emily" - 1991 Delta Society's Service Dog of the Year, who lived with us after her owner died

"Barney" - a rescue hound with beautiful ears and a zest for living

"Cleo" - a cat who was abandoned when her owners moved, pictured with Meadow

"Rocky" - Ch. Hooters Rockefeller O'Bearsden TDX

"Autry" - Wag'N Hollow's Singing Cowboy TDX CGC

"Daisy" - puppy Autry with Daisy (half Golden, no part Otterhound, but totally terrific!)

"Gandalf" - found wandering in a city park and came to live with our pack

"Tasha" - a sweet Lab cross, running in the snow with Daisy, at age 12

"Boris" - a big, smart & beautiful Lab/Malamute cross who taught us a lot....